Health Law

Health care consumes nearly 16% of the gross domestic product and touches the lives of businesses, individuals, government, insurers, and health care providers.  With over 30 years of experience as general counsel for a large health insurance company, William Pitsenberger can provide a range of legal and counseling services relating to:

  • Health Insurance Issues
  • Self-Insured Issues
  • Health Policy Consulting, Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy
  • Provider Licensing Administrative Hearings and Appeals
  • Antitrust
  • Provider Reimbursement Issues

In addition to his experience with a major health insurer, Mr. Pitsenberger has taught health law and policy in law school for more than six years, has published articles on health insurance and health policy in major legal journals, and has represented health care providers in licensing matters and Medicaid reimbursement disputes.  He brings to his practice significant breadth and depth of experience in health insurance, health care provider issues, and health policy.